Development of instruments at LOV-OMT:

Point Source Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter

The Point Source Integrating Cavity Absorption Meter is a spectrophotometer dedicated to measure the absorption coefficient. Because of a high sensitivity and its independence of scattering effect, this instrument is particularly well adapted for coastal water.

Project leader: Marcel Babin
Tech. leader: Edouard Leymarie


This new instrument, completely developed by our team, is dedicated to measure the Volume Scattering Function for all polarization states (nine elements of the Mueller matrix) and for a wide angular range.

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Project leader: Malik Chami
Tech. leader: Edouard Leymarie


Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer

A new Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer is developed in our lab. It works with 2 excitations wavelengths (bleu and amber) and allow a time resolution of  0.2 µs

Project leader: Marcel Babin
Tech. leader: Edouard Leymarie


Radiance Camera

A new multi-spectral radiance camera, which is able to measure simultaneously the radiance in all direction over one hemisphere, has been developed under the supervision of our team.

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Project leader: David Antoine
Tech. leader: Edouard Leymarie

Commercial equipment

We have many commercially-available instruments for making in situ measurements of inherent and apparent optical properties

(See the list below for details).

We also have a fully-equipped laboratory for analyzing natural and cultured algal samples.

The instruments and facilities shared amongst our group include:

- Spectrophotometer
- Phytoplankton culturing facilities
- Fast Repetition Rate Fluorometer
- Xenon Pulse Amplitude Fluorometer
- High Performance Liquid Chromatograph

- MultiSizer III, Beckman Coulter
- WetLabs ECO-BB3
- WetLabs ac-9
- Profiling radiometers
- Scintillation counter

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