Group leader: Fabrizio D'Ortenzio
Research scientists
Julia Uitz
Associate UPMC Professors
David Antoine
Past members
Malik Chami
Group founded by:
André Morel
In the past years (since 2003)
Alec J. Scott
François Bourrin
Amel Houyou
Emilie Diamond
Alexandre Thirouard
Florent Besson
Carolyn Scheurle
Sabine Marty
Orens Pasqueron de F.
Post-doc researchers
Mathieu Ardyna
Nathan Briggs
Marco Bellacicco
Sorin Constantin
Mathieu Rembauville
In the past years (since 2003)
Xiaogang Xing
Atsushi Matsuoka
Elodie Martinez
Shaoqi Gong
Claire Neil
Vincent Le Fouest
Morvan Barnes
Clément Fontana
Tristan Harmel
Emanuele Organelli
Anouck Ody
Stefani Novoa
Graduate students
Nicolas Mayot
Marie Barbieux
In the past years (since 2001)
Raphaëlle Sauzède
Héloise Lavigne
Malika Kheireddine
Thomas Lorthiois
Alexandre Mignot
Emmanuel Bosc
Flavienne Bruyant
Kadija Oubelkeir


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Our group publication record is representative of our team's history and evolving research interests over several decades.

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