Mathieu Ardyna
Postdoctoral researcher (2015 - present)
Contact information:
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 76 39 11
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 76 37 39
PhD (2010 - 2015) (Get PDF)
Université Laval, Québec, Canada
Les communautés phytoplanctoniques dans un océan Arctique en mutation : Biogéographie, phénologie et productivité
Master degree (2007 - 2010) (Get PDF)
ISMER (Institut des sciences de la mer)-UQAR, Rimouski, Canada
Influence des facteurs du milieu sur la structure et le fonctionnement des communautés phytoplanctoniques du Haut-Arctique canadien : distinction des régions oligotrophes et eutrophes
Master degree (2007 - 2008)
Centre d’océanologie de Marseille, Marseille, France
Influence des facteurs du milieu sur la structure et le fonctionnement des communautés phytoplanctoniques du Haut-Arctique canadien : distinction des régions oligotrophes et eutrophes
Research interests:
Phytoplankton ecology, polar ecosystems, biogeography, climate change, production primary modeling, remote sensing

    In press

  • Ardyna, M., L. Lacour, S. Sergi, F. d’Ovidio, J.-B. Sallée, M. Rembauville, S. Blain, A. Tagliabue, R. Schlitzer, C. Jeandel, K. R. Arrigo & H. Claustre (2019), Hydrothermal vents trigger massive phytoplankton blooms in the Southern Ocean, Nature Communication, in press.
  • 2019

  • Lacour, L., H. Claustre, N. Briggs, M. Ardyna & G. Dall'olmo (2019). Intra-seasonal dynamics of the mixed layer pump in the subpolar North Atlantic Ocean: a BGC-Argo float approach, Global Biogeochemical Cycles, 33, doi: 10.1029/2018GB005997
  • 2018

  • Joli, N., Babin M., Ardyna M., Tremblay J.-É., Gosselin M., Onda D.F. and C. Lovejoy (2018). Northern Baffin Bay as an Arctic Janus gateway to the North Atlantic, Science Advances, in press
  • 2017

  • Ardyna M., M. Babin, E. Devred, A. Forest, P. Raimbault, M. Gosselin, and J.-É. Tremblay (2017). Shelf-basin gradients shape ecological phytoplankton niches and community composition in the coastal Arctic Ocean (Beaufort Sea). Limnology and Oceanography, doi:10.1002/lno.10554. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Ardyna, M, Claustre, H., Sallée, J.B., D’Ovidio, F., Gentili, B., van Dijken, G., D'Ortenzio, F. and K. Arrigo, Delineating environmental control of phytoplankton biomass and phenology in the Southern Ocean (2017), Geophysical Research Letters, 44, doi:10.1002/2016GL072428. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Blais, M., M. Ardyna, M. Gosselin, D. Dumont, S. Bélanger, J.-É. Tremblay, Y. Gratton, C. Marchese, and M. Poulin (2016). Contrasting interannual changes in phytoplankton productivity and community structure in the coastal Canadian Arctic Ocean. Limnology and Oceanography, doi:10.1002/lno.10581. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Bouchard-Marmen M., Kenchington E., Ardyna M., Archambault P., 2017. Influence of seabird colonies and other environmental variables on benthic community structure, Lancaster Sound Region, Canadian Arctic. Journal of Marine Systems, 167, 105-117. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Hill, V., M. Ardyna, S.H. Lee, D. Varela, 2017. Decadal trends in phytoplankton production in the Pacific Arctic Region from 1950 to 2012. Deep Sea Research, Part 2, doi:10.1016/j.dsr2.2016.12.015. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Lacour, L., M. Ardyna, K. Stec, H. Claustre, L. Prieur, M. Ribera D’Alcala, and D. Iudicone (2017). Unexpected winter phytoplankton blooms in the North Atlantic Subpolar Gyre. Nature Geoscience, Doi: 10.1038/NGEO3035
  • Oziel L., Neukermans G., Ardyna M., Lancelot C., Tison J-L., Wassmann P., Ruiz-Pino D., Sirven J., and J. C. Gascard, 2016. Northward expansion of Atlantic waters influences phytoplankton blooms in the Barents Sea, Journal of Geophysical Research, doi:10.1002/2016JC012582. (Get PDF reprint)
  • Rembauville, M., Briggs, N., Ardyna, M., Uitz, J., Catala, P., Penkerc’ch, C., Poteau, A., Claustre, H. and S. Blain (2017). Plankton assemblage estimated with BGC-Argo floats in the Southern Ocean. Journal of Geophysical Research, doi: 10.1002/2017JC013067 (Get PDF reprint)
  • Simo Matchim, A.G., M. Gosselin, M. Poulin, M. Ardyna, and S. Lessard (2017). Summer and fall distribution of phytoplankton in relation to environmental variables in Labrador fjords, northeastern Canada, with a wink to Phaeocystis pouchetii. Marine Ecology Progress Series, doi:10.3354/meps12125. (Get PDF reprint)
  • 2015

  • Lee, Y.J., P. A. Matrai, M. A. M. Friedrichs, V. S. Saba, D. Antoine, M. Ardyna, I. Asanuma, M. Babin, S. Bélanger, M. Benoit-Gagné, E. Devred, M. Fernández-Méndez, B. Gentili, T. Hirawake, S.-H. Kang, T. Kameda, C. Katlein, S. Lee, Z. Lee, F. Mélin, M. Scardi, T. Smyth, S. Tang, K. Turpie, K. Waters, and T. Westberry, 2015. An assessment of phytoplankton primary productivity in the Arctic Ocean from satellite ocean color/in situ chlorophyll-a based models, J. Geophys. Res. Oceans, 120, doi:10.1002/2015JC011018. (Get PDF Reprint)


Findlay, H., F. Cottier, N. Morata, R. Hindshaw, A. Nikolopoulos, M. Ardyna, C. März, B. Queguiner, M. Roca-Martí, S. Bourgois, 2015. Arctic Oceanography: Atmosphere-Ocean Exchange, Biogeochemistry & Physics. Arctic in Rapid Transition : Priority Sheets & Future Directions of Arctic Sciences (PDF).

Ardyna, M., M. Babin, 2015. Phytoplankton communities in a changing Arctic Ocean: Biogeography, phenology & productivity. Annual SOLAS Newsletter 2015 (PDF).

Babin, M., S. Bélanger, I. Ellinsten, A. Forest, V. Le Fouest, T. Lacour, M. Ardyna, D. Slagstad, 2015. Estimation of primary production in the Arctic Ocean using ocean colour remote sensing and coupled physical-biological models: strengths, limitations and how they compare. Prog Oceanogr, doi:10.1016/j.pocean.2015.08.008 (PDF).

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Ardyna M., M. Babin, M. Gosselin, E. Devred, S. Bélanger, A. Matsuoka, J.-É. Tremblay, 2013. Parameterization of vertical chlorophyll a in the Arctic Ocean: Impact of the subsurface chlorophyll maximum on regional, seasonal and annual primary production estimates. Biogeosciences, 10, 4383-4404, doi:10.5194/bg-10-4383-2013 (PDF).

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May I., D. Carlson, M. Ardyna, M. Geoffroy, M. Heikkilä, 2011. Using new technologies to make sciences more accessible and transparent to the general public. Polar research, 30, 15315, doi:10.3402/polar.v30i0.15315 (PDF). 

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