Vincent Le Fouest
Post-doctoral researcher (2009 - present)
Contact information:
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 76 37 27
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 76 37 39
Research Fellow (2007 - 2009)
Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), Scotland, UK
Topic: 3D modeling of the physical-biological coupling in the Barents/Kara Sea (Eastern Arctic)
Ph.D. (2001 - 2005)
Institut des sciences de la mer (ISMER), Universite du Quebec a Rimouski, Quebec, Canada
Dissertation topic: 3D modelling study of the mesoscale oceanic circulation-planktonic production coupling in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada
MSc. (1999 - 2000)
Université de Bordeaux 1, Talence, France
Research interests:
Coastal oceanography, plankton ecology, physical-biological coupling, modeling
    • Le Fouest, V., C. Postlethwaite, M. A. Morales Maqueda, S. Bélanger, and M. Babin (2011). On the role of tides and strong wind events in promoting summer primary production in the Barents Sea. Cont. Shelf Res, in press.
    • Postlethwaite, C. F., Morales Maqueda, M. M., Le Fouest, V., Tattersall, G. R., Holt, J., and A. J. Willmott (2011). The effect of tides on dense water formation in Arctic shelf seas. Ocean Science, Ocean Sci., 7, 203-217.
    • Mei, Z.-P., F. Saucier, V. Le Fouest, B. Zakardjian, S. Senneville, X. Xie, and M. Starr. Effects of colored dissolved organic matter (CDOM) and temperature on primary and secondary productions of Gulf of St. Lawrence: Insights from 3-D coupled physics-NPZD model. Continental Shelf Research, in press.
    • Le Fouest V., B. Zakardjian, and F. J. Saucier (2010). Plankton ecosystem response to freshwater-associated bulk turbidity in the subarctic Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada): A modeling study. J. Mar. Syst., AMEMR Special Issue, 81, 75-85.
    • Le Fouest V., B. Zakardjian, F. J. Saucier, and S. A. Cizmeli (2006). Application of SeaWIFS- and AVHRR-derived data for mesoscale and regional validation of a 3-D high-resolution physical-biological model of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada), 2006. J. Mar. Syst.,  60(1-2), 30-50.
    • Le Fouest V., B. Zakardjian, F. J. Saucier, and M. Starr (2005). Seasonal versus synoptic variability in planktonic production in a high-latitude marginal sea: the Gulf of St. Lawrence (Canada), J. Geophys. Res. (Ocean), 110, C099012, doi:10.1029/2004JC002423.
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