Carolyn Scheurle
Outreach Coordinator (2010 - present)
Contact information:
Phone: +33 (0)4 93 76 39 20
Fax: +33 (0)4 93 76 37 39
PhD in Geosciences/Marine Geology (2004)
University of Bremen/marum, Germany
Dissertation topic: Climate development and its effects on the North Sea environment during the Late Holocene
Diploma in Geography/Meteorology and Climatology (1999)
University of Basel/MCR Lab, Switzerland
Thesis topic: Seasonal water and energy balance of an arctic catchment – especially taken into account the active layer
Background and role:
Having a multi-disciplinary academic background and professional expertise as marine environmental expert, I would like to contribute in particular:
  • to coordinate ocean sciences dissemination activities
  • to develop multifaceted supports for ocean literacy
  • to bridge between scientists and the wider public
Selected publications addressing the wider public and/or outreach activities:

    Ferraris, M., C. Scheurle, H. Claustre (2016) : Teaching Young People to Be Curious, to Observe the Environment, to Think Critically (Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans/USA, talk)
    Poteau, A., H. Claustre, C. Scheurle, T. Jessin, C. Fontana (2016): Tactile Digital Video Globes:
    a New Way to Outreach Oceanography (Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans/USA, poster)
    Guieu, M. & C. Scheurle (2016): Short Stories About The Ocean, an Art Integrated Project Into the Elementary Curriculum, Using Shadow Theatre and Video (Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans/USA, poster)
    Barbieux, M., C. Scheurle, M. Ardyna, T. Harmel, M. Ferraris, T. Jessin, L. Lacour, N. Mayot, E. Organelli, O. Pasqueron De Fommervault, C. Penkerc’h, A. Poteau, J. Uitz, S. Ramondec, R. Sauzède, V. Vellucci & H. Claustre (2016) : Building an Early Career Network through Outreach Projects: The “mon océan & moi” example (Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans/USA, poster)
    Scheurle, C. & MOM team (2016) : mon océan & moi : Network and Teamwork to Better Connect People, Science and Education (Ocean Sciences Meeting, New Orleans/USA, poster)
    Thébault, H., C. Scheurle, C. Duffa & P. Boissery (2014) : Valuation and Sensitivity of Socio-Economic Activities Along the French Mediterranean Coast. Int. J. Sus. Dev. Plann. Vol. 9, No. 6, 754–768 (Get PDF)
    Scheurle, C., H. Claustre & J. Uitz (2014): « mon océan & moi »: share research with oceanographers & discover our oceans (Argonautics newsletter, article)
    Scheurle, C. & H. Claustre (2014): mon océan & moi: an outreach program with an important “remote” communication component (International Marine Science Communication Conference, Porto/Portugal, PechaKucha talk)
    Legendre, L. & C. Scheurle (2014): Communicating about marine discoverers as well as marine discoveries. (International Marine Science Communication Conference, Porto/Portugal, poster)
    Pasqueron de Fommervault, O., R. Sauzède, C. Scheurle, H. Claustre & F. D’Ortenzio (2014): Voyage of a profiling float: A scientific adventure told to young people (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaï/USA, poster)
    Poteau, A., H. Claustre, C. Schmechtig & C. Scheurle (2014): A user-friendly approach to visualize data relating « science »  and « outreach » (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaï/USA, poster)
    Sauzède, R., O. Pasqueron de Fommervault, C. Scheurle, H. Claustre & MOM team (2014): Collaboration between scientists, teachers and students to develop educational tools and share experiences (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaï/USA, poster)
    Uitz, J., C. Scheurle, O. Pasqueron de Fommervault, H. Lavigne & R. Sauzède (2014): « Adopt a float »: an initiative designed for middle school students to follow the voyage of a Bio-Argo profiling float and share experiences with oceanographers (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaï/USA, poster)
    Scheurle, C., H. Claustre, J. Uitz, A. Sciandra & MOM team (2014): « Mon Océan & Moi » - an outreach concept particulary dedicated to the youth (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Hawaï/USA, poster)
    Byfield, V., C. Scheurle, J. Gould, E. Mamaca & B. King (2013): The Euro-Argo education web site: using Argo data to teach data analysis and marine science (EGU meeting, Vienne/Autriche, poster)
    Johnson, K., G. Matsumoto, C. Scheurle, H. Claustre, M.-J. Perry & S. Riser (2012): Understanding ocean chemistry and biology using real-time data from profiling floats (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City/USA, talk)
    Claustre, H., C. Scheurle & the Oceanographic Autonomous Observations team (2012): A French outreach initiative including oceanographic autonomous observations (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City/USA, poster)
    Sciandra, A., H. Claustre, C. Scheurle, E. Raulet & the Oceanographic Autonomous Observations team (2012): French initiatives with a Mediterranean-wide perspective for education and outreach (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City/USA, poster)
    Poteau, A., H. Claustre, Y. Groleau, C. Scheurle & A. Mangin (2012): An interactive map as scientific and operative tool for oceanographic autonomous observations, networking and outreach (Ocean Sciences Meeting, Salt Lake City/USA, networked poster)
    Scheurle, C., H. Claustre, D. Antoine, E. Boss, K. Johnson, A. Körtzinger, A. Mangin, G. Nolet, M.-J. Perry, O. Schofield & J. McDonnell (2010) : Integrating profiling floats with extended capabilities in future education and outreach activities (Centers for Ocean Science Education Excellence, COSEE, vision paper).

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